Electromaster Pump

The impetus for the development of the Electromaster was the need to supply an economically priced pump that provided greater capacity than a single diaphragm unit, simpler control, better opportunities for remote operation and a power source that would be easier to provide.

The Electromaster offers greater convenience, easier access, improved safety and reduced component costs compared to other electric diaphragm pumps. The double diaphragm system is powered by an electric motor, driving an eccentric bearing between the two diaphragms. Because single diaphragm pumps suffer greater energy losses, we are able to move twice the amount of material for the same or even less energy, saving costs and being more environmentally friendly. The traditional air operated pump is subject to problems in control and regulation, because of the temperature variations to which air solenoid valves are sensitive. Electrical supply is universally available and easily regulated through a computer or telephone link, by the adjustment of voltage produced by an electric inverter. Remote measurement of flow rates and tank capacities is simply made via load cells placed under the tank feet. The Electromaster is pressure rated at 1.5 BAR, which we consider to be extremely favourable.

 It is very economically priced and the eccentric bearing drive mechanism is extremely simple and durable. Our own trials, which have involved 12 months of destruction testing, have proven the product to be virtually unbreakable. Of course, materials passing through the pump will, as with all pumps, wear the materials to differing levels, according to the material being pumped. The low pressure head of the Electromaster makes it ideal for pumping slip, sludge laden with grit and other difficult liquids and solids in suspension. In tests, we have run the Electromaster entirely dry for 30 days with no damage whatsoever.